Profile Data API

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API Overview

The 'Profile Data API' allows a 3rd party application to perform basic operations on profile data. It would typically be used to update all or part of a profile with new data.

API Operations

API Operation: create[api_key]&data_value=[data value]

API Operation: retrieve[api_key]

API Operation: update[api_key]&data_value=[data value]

API Operation: delete[api_key]

API Operation: retrieve-subscriptions (not implemented yet)[api_key]

API Parameters


The value used for the parameter 'api_key' should be exactly the same value displayed in the 'My Account' page. The API Key unique identifies your account and allows you to perform API operations on your profile data. For this reason, your API Key should not be shared or made public because anybody could update, delete or create data against your profile.


Any text can be supplied as a value for the 'data_value' paramenter. However, if the supplied data is a valid JSON formatted string, then the value will be interpreted and treated as a JSON object. This is a powerful feature and allows the creation and management of complex data structures via a single url parameter.

Please read the JSON Guide for more information on JSON formatted strings.