Content Publishers

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The Benefits of LiveDirectory

LiveDirectory removes the element of chance involved with informing clients and customers about new and updated content.

Whether you update your website, send out emails, advertise in a newspaper or put a sign in the window there is still a good chance that potential clients/customers just wont get the message.

Simply put, if somebody wants to know about changes to your content, with LiveDirectory, they will be told.

How does it work?

The concept is simple:

  1. You choose the data you wish to publish (special offers, company contact details, latest news headline etc).
  2. You create a LiveDirectory profile that contains this information.
  3. You keep this information up-to-date (this can be done automatically or manually).

...And that's your part done. Anybody interested in your content can 'subscribe' to your profile and LiveDirectory will automatically notify them when you update your content.

Who is a content publisher?

A content publisher is anybody that creates, updates and manages their own information.

The following is a list of typical 'content publishers':

  • Shops (online or traditional)
  • Newspapers and magazines (web-based or print-based)
  • Organizations that maintain their own website or publications
  • A business that advertises in online and offline directories
  • Websites detailing events, concerts, conferences etc
  • A blogger
  • Universities and educational institutions
  • Government and official organizations

... the list could go on to include anybody that regularly publishes information online or offline.

What can LiveDirectory offer your organization?

  • NEXT GENERATION functionality for your organization.
  • INSTANTLY tell the world when you publish new or updated content - dont' rely on luck or word of mouth.
  • LEVERAGE your content by allowing 3rd party services to distribute and re-purpose your content.
  • ACCESIBLE - You don't even need a website to enjoy the LiveDirectory benefits.